Fact Sheet

  • Each spring, consumers make decisions about soils without considering how those soils affect our air, water and land.
  • Vermont Organics’ soils are all organic.
  • We retrieve and process manure from farmers daily – a huge help to an already busy farmer’s needs for a sound manure management system.
  • We wholesale cheap jerseys china reduce a farmer’s manure spread by 20 percent.
  • Our soil is peat-free. Between 40 and 80 percent of all commercial soil mixes are peat moss. According to the United Nations, 6 percent of the global carbon footprint is in the harvesting of peat bogs. When the bogs are harvested, they’re drained, which harms their ecosystems.
  • Between 15 and 50 percent of commercial mixes contain perlite and vermiculite, two types of rocks mined from the ground that create air space for Roots in potting soil. In order for these rocks to be effective in potting media, they must be heated to 1,800 degrees; this process leaves a large carbon footprint.
  • So how do we create the soil space? Well… coconut, for starters. There college football jerseys cheap is a best and highest use for everything we do. We recycle, and we reuse. We create green-industry jobs and promise Vermont-brand quality products.


VOR has amazing products. I have used all sorts of plant growing medium for seed starts, transplanting and containers in the past. There is a unique blend of organic materials in these mixes that creates opportunity for healthy root development and growth. Seed start roots grow to all sides of the container with the seed start mix and transplant beautifully with minimal transplant shock. Transplants will grow quickly with the potting mix. Be sure to initially use water liberally, as these products hold water very well over time. I am pleased and proud to use VOR products, where organic materials are recycled and reused in efforts to improve the environment and water quality – locally and beyond.”

– Heather Smith, Farm To School Coordinator, St. Albans City School, St. Albans, VT

“As the Board Chair of a non-profit called Common Roots, Inc. and classroom teacher, I have been connected to Vermont Organics Reclamation for cheap dallas cowboys jerseys more than 4 years. Over that time they have continued to grow in scope as a viable business remaining true to their powerful mission of improving soils while helping to problem solve the phosphorous run off into Lake Champlain.

Vermont Organics Rudy Gobert jersey youth Reclamation soil mixes are balanced, nutrient dense and affirm our environment, which fully connects with our mission. We are educating youth and community about soil as a precious resource.”

We introduce Vermont Organics with build-in meaningful lessons like: Why do you not want peat in your soils? What is the benefit of paying farmers for the poop off their land? Co-founders Tim and Mike have been instrumental and generous in getting organic soils to wholesale jerseys each of our five district schools, and larger Common Roots’ gardens, generously giving back to their community at-large.

The story of how Vermont Organics germinated is one of the finest examples of carpe diem, to go make a difference in our world (with some blood, sweat and tears). We CAN help clean up the algae bloom challenges of Lake Champlain, and pay farmers.”

In fact, this movement forward came directly from a Grandfather’s heart the day he could not allow his grandchildren to swim in the lake. Wow! Vermont Organics Reclamation is a business that is clearly accomplishing what they set out to do, which is always powerful and inspiring!”

– Carol McQuillen, South Burlington

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