The three stems on the famous Mercedes Benz logo stand for air, water and soil. They make up our precious Earth, and we protect all three of them by making Earth’s Friendliest Soils at Vermont Organics Reclamation.

But at Vermont Organics, there is a best and higher use for everything they do, so it’s not just “some soil company.” Nope. That’s why we’ve asked our friends Green Thumb and Pete Moss to help US teach YOU about all of our important work and ideas. Purify your food source! Burlap the world! Affect climate change! They can’t wait to to take you on this adventure!

But first, a bit more about Vermont Organics: To make our soil products, we have developed recycling systems that put carbon back in the ground, where it belongs, and not in the air, where there is too much carbon. Our soils also provide tremendous benefits to local watersheds. Vermont Organics sits on 185 acres of pristine agricultural land in St. Albans, VT, a community that abuts magnificent Lake Champlain – the seed that started us. Our campus also features a 7,200-square-foot nursery and research and development center that is available to greenhouse owners and homeowners of all varieties.

Please explore our site. Enjoy. When you’re done, you’ll be a better gardener for it. The Earth will thank you, too.

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