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(VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Organic Seed Starter

(Bags: 10 Quart $14.95, 1CF 18.98, 2CF $28.98) — A great start for any sized planting or organic gardening project! This effective mix of (VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Coconut Coir and all-organic materials creates the proper nutrient balance and pH to start seeds. Works with all seed types and helps aerate your soil — because roots need oxygen!

Raised Bed Recharge

(Bags: 2CF $30.98, 2.8CF $37.98 ) — This is a complete organic fertilization package. Our lightweight recharge adds needed organic matter to your raised bed without a need for heavy compost. It contains a six-month time-release fertilizer that will charge your bed with nutrients from your earliest spring planting through the entire growing season. It’s great for aerat-ing your soil, and it retains water, so that you do not lose nutrients to runoff — and you save money on your water bill! (1 CF recharges a 3’x3’ bed, 2CF recharges a 3’x6’ bed, and 2.8CF recharges a 4’x8’ bed.)

(VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Organic Growers Potting Mix

(Bags: 10 Quart $16.18, 1CF $19.98, 2CF $30.98) — You need good, organic soil for transplanting and growing, and this is it! Our (VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Organic Growers Potting Mix is ideal for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. Our Growers Mix is super for all varieties of indoor and outdoor potted plants and gardens, because it is an organic blend of (VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Coconut Coir, organic nutrients and other organic materials. It aerates your soil, which creates much-needed oxygen tunnels for roots.

All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

(Available in 12-lb. bags or super sack) — Has an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) of 2.2-0.2-2.2 fertilizer. Made from all-natural materials to not only fertilize but give your plants an organic carbon boost — because it is 95% carbon. Can be used with indoor and outdoor plants, raised beds and vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, new and established plants, trees, shrubs and new lawns. This is very low in phosphorous, for use around brooks, ponds and lakes. Don’t feed the algae blooms in your area!

(VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Coir Block

(Available in 11-lb. blocks $19.98 or by the pallet) — Our (VOR INC.) OMRI-Listed Organic Coir Blocks are compressed Coconut Coir, and it is OMRI-Listed for Organic use (VOR INC.). It is the foundation of all Vermont Organics’ soils. When moistened with water, an 11-lb. block expands into 2CF of growing material. Coir is renewable, above-grade carbon that replaces peat moss — a stable form of carbon that needs to stay in the ground. Coir is also great for adding water-holding capacity and an organic boost to your soils. Coir can be used as an additive to any soil, including but not limited to gar-dens, raised beds and indoor and outdoor plants. This is the most efficient form for shipping a soil amendment. Buy it and break it down yourself for maximum per-formance and success.

Incredible Coir

(Bags: 10 Quart, 1CF, 2CF, super sack) — This is broken down and fully expanded coir that is ready and easy to use. It is a natural, organic alternative to peat moss, with a much smaller carbon footprint. And, re-member, when you purchase peat-free products, you are preserving natural wildlife habitats and plants that help scrape carbon out of the air and keep it in the ground — where it belongs!

Grass Repair Kit

(Available in 10-lb. bags) — Fix your lawn’s bald spots with this organic kit that has a continuous release lawn fertilizer, high-performance seed and our Incredi-ble Coir, an organic byproduct of the coconut husk. Separate kits available for sun, shade and sandy soils. Great for patching or full lawn applications. Covers 210 sq. ft.

Burlap Bags

(Sold from a single bag, up to a pallet.) — Burlap the World! It’s what we do, and you should, too. After you apply Vermont Organics soils to your beds or gar-dens, surround them with burlap bags. They help cut down on watering and provide lots of organic material for all the bugs and other critters living under your soil, and you don’t have to pick the bags up at the end of the season. Leave the bags there! They are a great source of organic material for your soil!

Biochar 100

(Bags: 1lb. $16.98, 5 lb. $34.98) — When you burn without oxygen, you get Biochar, and we make it with nothing but hardwood that we harvest right here on our farm. Biochar is a magnificent form of carbon that, when turned into your soil, becomes a magnet for organic activity. And that carbon stays in the ground for hundreds of years!

Biochar Blend

(Bags: 1 cu. ft. $29.98) — This is our Biochar, blended with a mix of all-natural, organic materials. This helps give your garden an extra zing of organic activity, as well as a rich source of carbon.


(Bags: 5 lb. $17.98) — This is an environmentally friendly mineral that detoxifies soil, curbs leaching and acts as a fertilizer booster. Silica-based products are the new rage for increasing growth yields.