Our Nursery

“Welcome to the Vermont Organics testing ground! Vermont Organics goes to heroic lengths to prove its products are effective!”

“Vermont Organics’ 185-acre farm also has a 7,200-square-foot greenhouse and nursery. Here, Tim meticulously researches and develop his soil products. This is also where Tim fosters his Global Warming Mums! These flowers contain nectaries for feeding bees and other pollinators, unlike those roundy-moundy mums that people buy every year. Global Warming Mums are designed to withstand the first several heavy frosts of fall, too. And they’re perennials! So once you plant them outside — you keep them there! YAY!”

“Tim also designed Vermont Organics’ nursery for wholesale nursery accounts, to support his soil production. He is always interested in forming strong relationships with greenhouse and nursery owners, so that they can learn – and teach their customers – about why Vermont Organics’ soils matter to the environment!”


“Vermont Organics sells its soils to individuals and also larger nurseries and garden centers.”