Vermont Organics goes to great lengths to prove its products’ effectiveness.

Welcome to our testing ground.

Our 185-acre farm also contains a 7,000-square-foot greenhouse and nursery. Here, we meticulously research and develop our soil products, as well as foster our Global Warming Mums.

Vermont Organics’ nursery is also designed and arranged for wholesale nursery accounts, to support our soil production. We are always interested in forming strong relationships with greenhouse and nursery owners, so that they can learn – and teach their customers – about why Vermont Organics’ soils matter to the environment.

We can also show you and your customers how to water less, and save on labor costs. How? Our products are peat free. Peat is hydrophobic; it hates water, so peat-based products require more watering. Our products use cow solids, which are hydrophilic; they love water, so they require less watering.

VOR soils are sold to individuals and also larger nurseries and garden centers (if interested in bulk (truckload, pallets, etc.), please email or call us at 802-528-8512).

For product samples, to grow in our greenhouse, or to talk more, please contact:

Vermont Organics Reclamation (VOR)
Mailing Address: PO Box 1128
Physical Address: 452 S. Main St. (Rte. 7, off Wilder Dr.)
St. Albans, VT, 05478

•Tim Camisa:, 802-373-2025 (cell)
•Mike Rooney:, 802-373-5887


Nursery 802-528-8512. Fax 802-528-8514. or