About Us

“Vermont Organics is the life’s work of our friend, Tim Camisa. Tim is a native Vermonter who studied math and physics at the University of Vermont. That’s where he met Mike Rooney, the co-founder of Vermont Organics.”

“Several years ago, Tim was at his father’s house on Lake Champlain. But his children couldn’t swim that day. There were toxic, blue-green algae blooms all over the shoreline! Because there were too many unwanted materials going into the lake from runoff! Ewwwwww!”

“So Tim took a year to analyze nearly 50 Lake Champlain water quality reports that the state had commissioned over a number a years — more than 10,000 pages of reading! That’s when it him. He knew he had to do something. So he decided to keep unwanted nutrients like phosphorous and other non-organic materials out of local watersheds by creating his line of Vermont Organics soils.”

But those last three areas? There at the bottom? Vermont Organics stays away from those. Those are the ‘Least Preferred’ methods. Vermont Organics manages and develops systems that allows them to ‘Feed Animals’ and ‘Feed Hungry People.’

And stay tuned, because Vermont Organics is climbing even farther up the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy! They’re about to take a real adventure to ‘Feed Hungry People.’ Yay!”