How It Works

The Process

We are a barn-to-barn recycling operation (B2B) that manufactures and sells organic topsoil processed from manure wholesale mlb jerseys that we buy from local farmers. What is B2B? That means we pick up the manure from the farmer’s barn, bring it to ours, shovel it onto our conveyor belts, and start making the earth’s friendliest soil, which we also apply to our wide selection of healthy plants.


Organic Recycling

VOR’s scientifically based approach helps farmers turn their manure management and runoff problems into revenue streams.

VOR provides farmers with solutions ranging from a mobile extraction service to installation and maintenance of permanent systems that are tailored to the needs of individual farms.

VOR’s technology was developed as an alternative to manure digesters and transforms the raw manure into sludge and solids suitable for fertilizer, and virtually phosphorus free “grey” water for irrigation, wash down, or infiltration.

Why us? We don’t just run a business; we help drive a mission to keep Lake Champlain clean. Through our manure management system, we can reduce a single farmer’s manure and phosphorous load by 20 percent.

We’re not merely holding back dangerous runoff – we’re taking it out before it even hits the watershed. Think of the implication that could have around the world – on streams, rivers, and lakes – cheap mlb jersey and then smile.

Also, our products protect the air, as well as soil and water, because our process does not involve piles of resources that emit greenhouse emissions.

With VOR, manure isn’t spread in the watershed; we process it here, we keep cheap jersey China carbon in the wholesale jersey ground cheap mlb jersey – where it belongs – and we keep other foreign materials out of the watershed with a local product.

We can either keep spreading manure and buying imported phosphorous through our commercial soils, or we can stop spreading manure and start exporting phosphorous.”

– Tim Camisa, co-owner, VOR

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